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Fifteen Paperless Math Strategies

John T Spencer has fifteen ideas on paperless math strategies on his blog.

#1 - Critical Thinking
Description: Students answer critical thinking questions such as, "Are numbers neutral?" or "When are decimals less accurate than fractions?" The goal here is for students to go deeper into thinking conceptually about the math they use. For additional ELD support, I've found that definitions work well here as well as digital sentence strips to help scaffold the vocabulary.
Grouping: This can work individually or in groups. One allows for more introspection while the other creates a greater sense of dialogue.
Tech Tools: blog, form, shared document

#2 - Vocabulary
Description: When introducing new words, I like to have students keep a vocabulary blog, where they can list the vocabulary word, find a picture (either draw one and take a picture of it or find one online), use it in a sentence and then use the labels for synonyms. Later, I have students answer critical thinking questions that require them to use this math language. Or they can create a short podcast using their vocabulary blog as an additional support.
Grouping: This can work in pairs or small groups, but the blog should be individual.
Optional Tech Tools: blog

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